Nail Head Tree Stump Stool

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Nail Head Tree Stump Stool

These handcrafted pieces have beautiful unique characteristics and a natural feature is the varying colours, grains, textures & natural shapes.

The timber used in this piece is certified sustainably farmed, pre-dried and ready for use. Splits and cracks may develop as it responds to the environment and these are not a fault or flaw and will not compromise the construction of the piece. 

To prolong the surface of the timber please do not leave spills to sit on surfaces. Avoid contact with heat, liquid, and take care when placing abrasive objects on the timber. Direct and reflective sunlight will affect all timber as it ages beautifully in its own special way.

As this is a hand-crafted piece, each one is unique and may have slight variations in colour and shape as the image shown here - we think that adds to the beauty of these pieces, each with their own character!

30 x 30 x 40 cm